About me and Freeze the Light

My interest in photography began many years ago when I was a teenager and digital was a thing of the future, back then I relied on my trusty Pentax ME body with a 50mm lens and a roll of black and white film.

36 exposures later, I'd find myself processing the film in my home darkroom eager to see the results of the images that I had made.

But as I am sure you'll be aware teenagers are fickle beings and having secured a Saturday job my interest in photography soon fell by the wayside.

Three decades later I decided to buy a digital camera to see if I could re-ignite my interest. I'd forgotten a lot of what I had learnt in my younger years and was finding that I was being a lazy photographer and was just going though the motions and shooting in Auto mode.

I didn't enjoy this and wanted to take a more creative approach so I booked myself on a weekend photography course which was just what I needed, things that I had learnt all those years ago started to come back to me and I was again hooked.

It's now been a few years since I attended the course and I have been making photos of lots of different subjects including wildlife, people, architecture and many other things, in fact there are far too many to list here.

So I decided to create my own website "Freeze the light" to share my images with family, friends and other people with an interest in photography.

So thank you for visiting, I hope you like what you see and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch using the contact link in the menu.



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